Bald Icons

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Bald Icons

Going bald isn’t easy. For many, hair loss is a huge source of insecurity and can lead to a big drop in self-confidence. The most important thing to know is that if you’re going bald — you’re not alone. Check out this list of famous bald icons I’ve compiled!

Cory Booker

Cory Booker is a current Senator from New Jersey. Booker is currently seeking the Democratic nomination for president. He was the first African American Senator from New Jersey. In addition to politics, Booker is a practicing vegan and is currently dating actress Rosario Dawson.

Stanley Tucci

Stanley Tucci is one of Hollywood’s most renowned actors. He is a three time Emmy winner and was nominated for an Academy Award for his role in The Lovely Bones. Outside of acting, Tucci is involved with humanitarian causes, starring in a video for the United Nations’ refugee agency.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is simply the Greatest of All Time. If you’re living under a rock and somehow do not know who Michael Jordan, he is considered the most talented basketball player in the league’s history. Jordan was known for leading the Chicago Bulls to two three peats, winning three national titles in a row twice.


Mr. Worldwide, also known as Pitbull, is another bald legend. Hailing from Miami, Florida, Pitbull brings Puerto Rican flair to each one of his tracks. He is known for his hits “Timber,” “Give me Everything,” and “We are One (Ola Ola),” which was the official song of the 2014 Fifa World Cup. Now, if hearing about these fellow bald icons doesn’t make you feel any better about balding, you have options. Medicine and ointments can reverse hair loss, and creative solutions like Scalp Artist International scalp micropigmentation can fill in hairlines with pigment to give the appearance of a fuller man.

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