What Are The Arson Penalties In Illinois?

If you’ve been charged with arson, you’re presumably aware that you’re facing a severe criminal offense that might result in jail time and other serious consequences. You need immediate legal help to assess your defense alternatives and ensure that your rights are safeguarded in Illinois’ criminal courts. With this severe accusation, you can expect that the courts, judges, and prosecutors will not seek loopholes. The sooner a lawyer gets involved in a matter, the more he can aid.

According to Illinois law, arson is defined as lighting a fire on someone else’s property worth $150 or more without the owner’s permission. Even if you possess a portion of the property, it is still deemed arson if you share ownership with someone else and do not have their consent to damage it by setting fire to it. When someone sets fire to a residential building, they are committing Residential Arson.

Aggravated arson occurs when a person sets fire to another person’s property without their consent, when the person starting the fire is aware that there are persons within, or when the person arranging the fire causes physical damage or impairment to someone else. Additionally, if a fireman or police officer is injured due to the fire, it is considered Aggravated Arson.

Arson Penalties In Illinois:

  • Arson is a Type ii crime offense by up to 7 years in prison or a $25,000 penalty if convicted.
  • Aggravated arson is a Grade X Felony that carries a maximum of 30 years in prison and a fine of up to $25,000.

You may have committed a catastrophic error for which you apologize profusely. Perhaps you sparked a fire by mistake, and it quickly became out of hand. Or maybe you weren’t thinking straight and set fire to someone else’s stuff out of rage. Whatever the specifics of your case are, there are always methods to defend yourself.

There are always counter-measures. Whatever the case may be, you’ll need someone to assist you in weighing your alternatives and ensuring that you get a fair hearing in court. If you have been charged with arson, you must meet with a professional lawyer, like Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC, to discuss your case here at https://sexner.com/.

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